Chef Pugliesi blogs about his new place: Relæ

Christian Pugliesi and Kim Rossen, who met each other when working at noma, are in early April going to open their brand new restaurant Relæ in the Nørrebro area of CPH.

From what I understand their philosophy is similar the one of the successful Le Chateaubriand – very good food, wine and atmosphere combined with high-quality at low price (40-45€/four courses).

The concept is intriguing and I’m certain it’s going to be a success with the experience and talent both posses. What I also find interesting about this restaurant to be, is how Christian and Kim utilize the internet and in the best web 2.0 manner, spread the news about their place in a down to earth and very trustworthy and authentic way on the blog Relæ This means that you can follow the genesis of the restaurant and all the chef’s thoughts about the big decisions and the small details. Ultimately it makes me want to experience this restaurant even more. My luck I don’t live too far from it :-).

Watch the interview with Christian Pugliesi and Kim Rossen:

By Laurent Gastros on Tour and Stephane, Cuisiner En Ligne at the Omnivore Food Festival.

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