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The Flemish Primitives – Sense For Taste 2010

The Flemish Primitives are organising a one day gastronomy event in Bruges, Belgium, on 8th of February 2010. The event is an annual meeting place for cross fertilisation between the food and the beverage industry, gastronomy, the wine world, artists and scientists.… »

Very Good Food on Television

Friday night the Danish TV2 ran a feature on Danish food bloggers.
Jacob Nielsen rang me up during the morning and asked if I wanted to be part of it.… »

Video Recording from In de Wulf

This is the video recording by Cuisiner En Ligne from the kitchen of In de Wulf in Belgium where Kobe Desramaults, Alexandre Gauthier and Philip Claeys were cooking Monday evening September, 21st.… »

3 Chefs Cooking Event in Belgium – Live Broadcast

On next Monday September 21, I’m returning to the In de Wulf restaurant for the cooking event of three chefs focusing on the Flanders region.… »

Copenhagen Cooking This Week!

Check out the Copenhagen Cooking website if you are in Copenhagen this week. More than 65 different events all in relation to food and beverages as part of this Nordic food festival from 21st to 30th of August 2009.… »

MR Has Reopened as Seafood Restaurant!

NOTE: This restaurant has close down!

Great news: Tuesday 30th of June Mads Refslund and Restaurant MR reopened with a new focus on seafood and vegetables and I am so delighted.… »

Very Good Food in Danish

About a month ago I started blogging for one of the major Danish newspapers, Politiken. I write about food and everything in relation to it.… »

Shock: Geranium has closed

It seems to be a sad but true fact that one of Copenhagen’s top restaurants, Geranium, is closed, according to AOK.… »

Report and Interviews from The World’s 50 Best Event


There is a great interview with René Redzepi at the very end. Enjoy!… »

Geranium Ranked World 77th Best!

Denmark has not only one but TWO restaurants listed on Restaurant Magazine’s list of the world’s best restaurant.

Geranium is listed as number 77th on this year’s S.Pellegrino… »

NOMA – The World’s Third Best Restaurant!!

This is amazing. Amazing but understandable for a huge fan like me. NOMA has just been awarded the world’s third best restaurant by British Restaurant Magazine and after El Bulli as #1 and Fat Duck as #2 of the 2009 list.… »

Guide Michelin and Copenhagen 2009!

It’s official! The red Michelin Guide for the Main Cities of Europe 2009 sends 14 stars to Copenhagen restaurants in this year’s guide!… »

Noma – Best Meal in 2008 by OA Guide

An assortment of chefs, food writers, restaurant owners and bloggers and more than 90 people from all over the world have  replied to the question from Steve Plotnicki, Opinionated About Dining, “Name the best meal you had in 2008” and noma was on most people’s lips!… »

René Redzepi Rewarded Chef of the Year!

The Spanish 10th food congress was last week rewarding René Redzepi, noma, Chef of the Year on the international scene!… »

Noma – Best Restaurant of 2008 by Den Danske Spiseguide

Noma was awarded best restaurant of the Year 2008 by
Bent Christensen’s Den Danske Spiseguide. Other awards for 2008 are:

noma 🙂

Thomas Herman, Herman

Christian Arø Mortensen, Premisse

Thilde Jo Maarbjerg, Kong Hans Kælder

Søllerød Kro – again!!… »

noma 1st and formel B 10th Best Restaurants in Europe!

Travelers from all over the world have voted on TripAdvisor for the best places to dine in Europe and rank noma the best above both Fat Duck and El Bulli!… »

Noma – The World’s 10th Best Restaurant!

According to the The S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2008 noma is now number 10! Noma came in as the 15th best on that list last year.… »

It’s Official! Copenhagen’s Michelin Stars 2008

It’s official! The red Michelin Guide for the Main Cities of Europe 2008 awards following Danish restaurants in this year’s guide.… »

formel B – Restaurant of the year 2007 by Den Danske Spiseguide!

Formel B is the award winning Restaurant of the Year 2007 by Bent Christensen’s Den Danske Spiseguide. This Danish guide is the most thorough and handy guide of what to eat and where when dining out in Denmark.… »

How to find good food?

Not many international guides cover Copenhagen in their restaurant guides. Even less go outside the capital of Denmark. In fact by early 2007, I only knew of the Michelin Guide.… »