MR Has Reopened as Seafood Restaurant!


NOTE: This restaurant has close down!

Great news: Tuesday 30th of June Mads Refslund and Restaurant MR reopened with a new focus on seafood and vegetables and I am so delighted. The reason is that since Mads had closed the restaurant on the 1st of April this year, rumors have had it that he was planning a reopening, but I never saw the concrete evidence. Last week I eventually decided to contact Mads directly and I was happy to hear that they had opened on Tuesday and welcomed the first guests.


With the new concept of solely seafood and vegetables Mads Refslund wants to break with old fashioned Danish traditions of drowning the fish with loads of butter and creamy sauces. Instead, Mads is utilizing the natural flavors that already flows in the ocean and grows in our forests and fields.

MR keeps the one Michelin star because the head chef, Mads Refslund and the restaurant manager Dennis Rasmussen are still managing the restaurant.

Many of Copenhagen’s top-restaurants are closed for holidays during the month of July but Restaurant MR along with The Paul and Herman at Tivoli are still open.

Best of luck, Mads & co.!

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  • Hello Christoffer

    My cheap favourites at the moment are following:

    Aamanns Etablissement
    Kødbyens Fiskebar (Fish only)
    Saa Hvidt

    If you fancy French bistrots or Italian I have other ideas. 🙂


  • Hello Trine

    Something modern and very good and a round 500:- for a meal??

    Thank you!

    Best regards


  • Hello Christoffer

    Could you please provide me with a hint of the kitchen style and budget you are looking for? I will help me advise you.

    Have you taken a look at my favourite places listed here: 😉


  • Hello Trine

    I will travel to Copenhagen in October and eat at Noma for lunch friday 9/10.Do you have a restaurant to recomend thats good for dinner on Saturday 10/10.

    Best regards


  • Laurent, that is wonderful news! 😀

  • Second meal in 2 weeks there. Simply fantastic. Menu based on signature dishes (plus some recent dishes) : perfection was almost there. Brilliant. A must in Copenhagen.

  • The “Sherry Cask” looks right up my alley.

  • Wow, chris barker, that is marvelous news! I’m so happy to hear you had a wonderful time and experienced great food! Not least thank you so much for providing it here with a comment! Yes!

  • Trine, I was lucky enough to eat at MR last night and it was fantastic, the menu is either 7 courses, 4 courses or the MR classic which is a collection of well known MR dishes over the years.

    We both went for the classic menu and the wine choice that came with it, and it was utterly brilliant….I didn’t totally agree with one of the wine choices, but after talking to the sommelier (who is excellent) I see what he was trying to do and it just wasnt my taste, but certainly wasnt bad.

    The first course german wine (you’ll forgive the lack of detail, have just got off the plane) was inspired and a perfect match, as was the french white he chose to go with the burnt field.

    The rose sweet wine choice with the danish blue cheese at the end was sensational….nearly as good as the pine slush or the tree flavoured ice cream!

    Anyway, just wanted to say that it was one of the best dining experiences I’ve ever had, and an absolute must….top work guys!!

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