Noma – The World’s 10th Best Restaurant!

According to the The S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2008 noma is now number 10! Noma came in as the 15th best on that list last year.

Happy Congratulations! This is amazing!

Source: Berlingske Tidende

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  • Coool, Jakob! Thanks so much for the link. Funny choice of Alberto K, which apparently didn’t impress that much.

  • Copenhagens rise to stardom has now been discovered by The New York Post:

  • Thank you all for your comments! 🙂

    Allan and Zwampen, it’s great to hear you’re willing to go back and try noma again. I really, really recommend you lunch. The fact that the restaurant is more quiet and less busy very much adds on a lot to the experience of being there. And Allen, to reply to an earlier question you had, I love the extra attention the staff is able to offer when there are few people in the restaurant (so ask for the evening menu or the nassaaq in advance ;-)).

  • Yay! Grats to noma! Just in time either to impress or to disappoint me. 😉

  • Funny Zwampen, I don’t rate Noma that high either (although I haven’t tried all restaurants in the world). 10th best restaurant in the world, hmm. I think the fact that it’s rather new, northern and “back to basics”/raw puts them higher than the food would. Hype might very well have something to do with it.

    I should try them again though!

  • Trine,
    I think i will give them another chance after my last last disaster in december. The meal you had last time is truly looking great.


  • So maybe Trine isnt wrong after all…LOL !

  • Congratulations is in order! I hope René and Co will still keep their feet on the ground! 🙂

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