NOMA – The World’s Third Best Restaurant!!

This is amazing. Amazing but understandable for a huge fan like me. NOMA has just been awarded the world’s third best restaurant by British Restaurant Magazine and after El Bulli as #1 and Fat Duck as #2 of the 2009 list.

NOMA was also awarded Chef’s Choice Award for best restaurant. What an achievement!

Fantastic and congratulations to René, Lau, Pontus and all you talented guys at NOMA!

Source: Berlingske Fri, Politiken, The S.Pellerino World’s 50 Best Restaurants

6 Responses to “NOMA – The World’s Third Best Restaurant!!”

  • Neil, yes I am with you on that.

    Marcus, yep didn’t see that quite coming 😉

    Gastronaut, thank you. Very sweet of you to say so. 🙂

    Alex, hehe, you should come for lunch – those are not overrun! 😛

    JC, it os fantastic. I never imagined little DK would get a resto in top three – it isn’t the Michelin though. But stil… 😉

    Thanks for your comments and support!

  • That’s fantastic news! Though perhaps not for my wallet. 😉


  • Lol I wish such aknowledgements would have come later. It’s been since I read your blog that I planned to go there, now it’ll be overrun. But congratulations of course. The infamous list btw contains some weirdnesses… but not conerning Noma’s high ranking.. some other details rather.
    Greets, ALex

  • Congratulations….

    To Noma and to you Trine….its your baby.

  • Amazing, just amazing!

  • Can’t really add much to that except to offer hearty congratulations to all involved!


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