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Chuck has a category of posts written by other bloggers and which are worth reading. I’d like to introduce it on Very Good Food as well. The reason is that I really should have written up my Paris trip and experience at the 6 hands dinner event at In de Wulf but got caught up reading about Food Snob’s noma experience instead. My first Meal Of Others post has a theme: noma. I have written so much about noma myself – so now here’s what the other blogger say about the restaurant.

I originally published this post on September 24th listing only the three posts of Food Snob, Luxeat and Chuck  as they were the most recent posts I knew of. But then I realised that I would like to dedicate this post to noma and also gather links to all the other posts talking about restaurant noma. So the idea of this post is to be a live post and update it whenever I find a new writing about noma.

In love with… Noma September 2007
A unique evening at Noma May 2008 by Gastros on Tour
Laurent has already visited noma a few times and written two posts about his experiences.

The Colors of Copenhagen by La Tartine Gourmande, January 2008
Journalist and food writer Bea wrote a post about all her nice experiences in Copenhagen and included a few words about her noma visit as well.

A Feast For All Your Senses: noma by Food & Thoughts, April 2008
My friend Zarah and I went for lunch together in January 2008 and this is a write-up of one of Zarah’s several visits to noma. I love the way Zarah writes about food and about life. This is my version of our great lunch together.

noma, Copenhagen by Wandering Epicures, August 2008
Michael and Linda kindly invited me to join them for dinner at MR when they visited Copenhagen last year. A couple of days later they went to noma and this is Michael’s experience of their dinner. It’s amazing how much Linda and Michael travel around the world and always interesting to see their view of their dining experiences.

noma: Hunter-Gatherer Haute by Up Escalator, September 2008
JC and I shared this lunch at noma during spring 2008. Check-out JC’s excellent photography!

Wonderful noma by High-End Food, March 2009
This was my German friend Ingo’s first visit to noma. Ingo likes to introduced the chef when he posts about a restaurant and most of his post has this fixed format which I very much like about his way of writing.

noma (Denmark Copenhagen) by chuck eats, July 2009
Chuck is often analytical and philosophical about his experiences. Only few (restaurant) bloggers take the review to a higher level than just summarizing the meal and the experience. But Chuck does, and that’s a real talent!

Noma by Andy Hayler’s Restaurant Guide, August 2009

noma, Copenhagen by Food Snob, September 2009
Food Snob is incredible thorough when he writes restaurants reviews and is surely the blogger who posts the loooongest write-ups. I don’t always read them through, in fact I’m not sure I ever really did it until tonight where his noma post completely captured me. Of course, it’s always more fun to read about a place where one has been, so this has obviously also something to do with it. I know Food Snob and know how he adores this restaurants, but in his review he manages not to let it overshadow the post. And, what’s also particularly interesting is the summary of how the world regard noma and René Redzepi.

Noma- the rise of Scandinavian gastronomy
by Luxeat, September 2009
I’m sure you all know Aiste, who I introduced two years ago . She on the other hand, writes short reviews but is always spot on with her conclusions. Like here for example: “Going back to the beginning of the post, i used a word “revolutionary”. In fact maybe it is too bold to call Noma revolutionary as it is more likely “evolutional”. Marc Veyrat, Alain Passard or David Kinch -they all have explored or are exploring the use of various herbs, flowers and other unexpected products in their kitchens. On the other hand, René Redzepi has succeeded to put the whole region (Scandinavia)on the gastronomy map and this is definitely revolutionary.”

Noma – Copenhagen, Denmark by A Girl Has to Eat, October 2009
An impressive eating adventure of two months ends with her description of noma experience.

Noma, Copenhagen – Restaurant Review by Nordic Nibbler, July 2010
A wonderful read of top expectations emotionally fulfilled.

7 Responses to “Meals Of Others – noma”

  • You’re welcome! 🙂

    National Museum and the Christianborg + Amalienborg Palaces are definitely worth it! I actually didn’t know there are day trips around Zealand. To be honest I think it’s prettier during warmer and brighter periods. I would choose the three above over that. By the way, if you’re interested in history, do go for the guided tour of the tapestries at Christianborg palace. It’s marvellous!

    The pølse or hotdog at Nimb – I’m embarrassed to say but I haven’t tasted it yet. I have heard that it’s quite smothered with toppings. 🙂 It’s not served in their restaurant but mainly a take away thing.

    Saa Hvidt is closed. I have just removed it from my short list. The lunch place Restaurant Schønnemann has a great reputation – I still have to visit it but recommend you go.

    Cheers, Clare
    Just let me know if you need more/other info!

  • Thanks for your quick and in-depth reply.

    Well, I think you more or less have me convinced – it’s MR this time around. Sounds like it’s right up my alley, I can’t wait!

    Your suggestions sound lovely. I’ll definitely visit the Louisiana Museum and take a walk in Nyhavn. I love art and history and all that kind of stuff. Was thinking of visiting the National Museum and the Christianborg/Amalienborg Palaces.. what do you reckon?

    I’m also curious to know what you think of day trips.. I’ve heard that Zealand is full of beautiful country. Would this be a wise idea, considering I’ll be visiting in winter? How about a train out to Malmo?

    For traditional Danish food.. I was thinking of Aamanns (as you suggested) and Saa Hvidt (also one of your favourites, I believe). I’ve also heard that the polse at Nimb’s is incredible, though expensive. I’m a bit confused by this: I know that polse is traditionally bought from the cart along the road.. but is the polse at Nimbs served in their restaurant? Or is it more of a take-away sort of thing? Any other traditional Danish foods/restaurants that I should know about?

    Terribly sorry I’ve flooded you with questions! You don’t have to answer them all – I just got a little carried away there. Really appreciate you taking the time to read all this. 🙂


  • Hi Clare

    Thanks for your kind comment.

    Søllerød Kro is the lovely place where the whole setting, service and food is stuning.

    MR is more innovation, creativity and courage. More daring than SK. Mads Refslund is Copenhagen’s Pierre Gagnaire 😉

    You’ll need to make the selection yourself. 🙂

    Well, if you have just a tiny interest in art you should visit Louisiana Museum
    If you like new architecture go with the metro to DR Byen and walk towards the IT University.

    Other suggestions:
    Danish Design
    Nyhavn – for a drink or a stroll
    Wlk from Nyhavn along Bredgade to the and down to the Citadel. there is a beautiful view of the harbor from there.

    Foodwise, you have to taste the Danish herrings and you do that best at Aamanns Etablissement

    Let me know if there’s anything else you need!


  • Hi Trine,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all your posts on Copenhagen. I’ll be in the area for 5 days in January, and you really helped to point me in the right direction regarding which restaurants to consider!

    I already have a lunch reservation at noma, and am really excited about that. I also want to have another big meal, but I’m having a hard time deciding between Sollerod Kro and MR! Which would you recommend more?

    Any suggestions for what else I shouldn’t miss in Copenhagen, food or otherwise? I’m a bit wary of visiting Copenhagen alone in January.

    Thanks again! 🙂


  • Thanks! 🙂 But the Meals of Others is just such a good source of spreading exciting news, I think, so thanks to you for initiating this thing!

  • Great post! 🙂 I was just thinking the other day I need to crank the ‘meals of others’ back up – too busy – but glad to see you started one.

  • Trine, thanks for mentioning me. Very pleased and humbled 😉

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