It’s official – the Michelin Star Restaurants of Copenhagen!

The red Michelin Guide for the Main Cities of Europe 2007 will be published tomorrow. The following Danish restaurants have been rewarded this year:

Two stars:

One star and a rising star:
formel B

One star:
Søllerød Kro
Era Ora
The Paul
Kong Hans’ Kælder

One rising star:
Kiin Kiin


Source: Jyllandsposten, Politiken

4 Responses to “It’s official – the Michelin Star Restaurants of Copenhagen!”

  • Fantastic blog!

    You should definately come to Sønderjylland and visit some of the very nice restaurants like Knapp, Fakkelgaarden and even Alter Meierhof on the german side of the border…

  • Hello Gastronaut

    Pleased to “meet” you and thanks very much for your interesting comment!

    I must admit that I have thought the same. Why is it only Danish restaurants in CPH that are “allowed” a star or two?

    As far as Scandinavia and capitals and restaurant ratings, though, Gothenburg has four places with one Michelin star. I can list them if anybody’s curios. Has Århus ever had a restaurant, which has got a star?

    What about guides like Gault Millau and others, have they ever been to Scandinavia?

    Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if the trend here with the new Danish or Scandinavian Cuisine, the awards and credits noma has got and indeed deserves, will put Denmark on the gastronomical world map. It’s like what Denmark experienced with the Dogma films in the nineties is what’s happening with the fine dining scene in the new millennium. Or am I being too philosophical now.


  • Hi there,

    Just back from a trip to which by the way comes highly recommended but I might come back to that later.

    I discussed the michelin stars with Rune Aaby (recently voted number 3 waiter in Denmark and now co-“head of restaurant” at Fakkelgaarden) – and the lack of michelin coverage of provincial Denmark and Scandinavia. For foreign readers….Michelin only cover Capitals in Scandinavia. He was actually quite convinced that this is subject to change rather sooner than later. There is so much happening in Denmark…Molskroen, Falsled Kro, WH, Malling og Schmitt, Fakkelgaarden, Babette, etc. etc. etc., and Rune also mentioned some places in Norway that is absolutely stunning.

    Can any of you readers shed a light on this ? I find it hard to believe…knowing the stubbornness – and conservatism of the French people…(Sorry).

    Anyway…..I think it is overdue….and in my book Fakkelgaarden definetely deserves a star. The dishes are “sharp”, light, classic with a visible and tasty desire/urge to be innovative to a certain degree. The winelist has improved since the departure of Christian Bind, and the cooking is as good as ever. Sorry if this is the wrong place to point this out…but I am kind of a newbie here. Congrats to a great Blog Trine, I read it with great pleasure.

    back to the stars talk….help me out here…and to the folks at Michelin…get a grib will ya ?

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