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Urasawa – Read JC’s review


Hof Van Cleve *** (BE)

Regis Macon (Burgundy) Because of Chuck. And because I love mushrooms.

L’Air Du Temps (Bruxelles) – Again because of Laurent’s descriptions. This is his latest visit there.

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  • El Celler de Can Roca isn’t on here? I am so excited to try it. Even considering one of their cookbooks… Have you been to 2 Michelin star Les Crayeres in Reims, France? Also great and gorgeous property as well. http://thetastysidetolife.blogspot.fr/

  • Hi Cecilie
    Many thanks for your tip! :-)

  • Hi Lasse (and Trine of course) I just got back from the Spanish national contest for tapas and pinchos in Valladolid. I have not been to Madrid, but the guy who won the contest workes at Loft39.
    But, if you hop on the train and go to Barcelona instead :-) – I can recommend Tickets. Ate there last week. Amazing food and great fun.
    Best regard

  • Hi Lasse

    I have looked and searched for Madrid restaurants but I haven’t really been able to find anything recommendable other than Maria Canabal’s blog http://gastronomy.over-blog.com/, who I recommend you ask. :-(

  • Hi Trine,

    It seems you have not spent much time in Spain? I’m going to Madrid soon, and would like some recommendations. Can you refer to one of your fellow bloggers who would be in the know about Madrid?

    Best, Lasse

  • Hey Jean-Philippe

    Thank you for your recommendations. Actually L’Astrance has been on my (unofficial ;) list for a very long time. (I should update this page:). I’m also familiar with Passage 53 (and Le Petit Verdot rings a bell) but haven’t got an opportunity to go yet :-).

    Best regards

  • Hi Trine !
    Let me recommend you three great restaurants in Paris which should be on your wish list. You probably already heard of L’Astrance *** by Pascal Barbot (Paris 16e). Passage 53 * (Paris 2e) is a pocket restaurant lead by a former second of Barbot, Shinichi Sato : french modern cuisine with the japanese refinement and purity. The last one is totally confidential : Le Petit Verdot( Paris 6e). No stars, no passing clients, no tourists only epicurians for a wonderful, tasty, french cuisine made by a japanese gifted chef. Reservation is mandatory in these three restaurants (no more than 20 seats in each place).
    Best regards,

  • wonderful site, great reviews and pictures

  • Hi Lotta
    Thanks VERY much for your recommandations. It’s for a very long time that I wanted to visit Trio. Hopefully I’ll make it soon. I didn’t know about Bastard, so thank you so much for mention it. You’re absolutely right, Bastard is definitely a place I would love to explore! :-)

    All the best

  • Hi Trine. I just want to recommend two special restaurants in malmoe I think you should pay a visit. Trio is one. http://www.triorestaurant.se and the other is a restaurant that opened in december called Bastard http://www.bastardrestaurant.se. Bastard is everything but fine dining. It is a restaurant inspired by modern european home-cooked everyday meals and this becomes excellent pigs tail apetizer, luke warm ox heart salad, wood stove oysters with chorizos are among others on the menu. Organic and great quality! It has become extremely popular in short time and I think you will find both Bastard and Trio interesting! all the best Lotta

  • Kan roligt anbefale dig Salt & Brygga i Malmö. Er aldrig blevet skuffet, selv om jeg sætter forventningerne højere og højere hver gang. Prisniveauet er nogenlunde som Fiasco på Frederiksberg. Alt er gennemført, økologisk, nærproduceret og velsmagende. Servicen er i top, de taler dansk, og du kan se til København derfra på en klar dag :)

  • Hi fred! Well, thank you so much for your kind words and your dining tips! :-)

  • hi trine

    first of all, bravo for your blog, it s a “delice” to read and keeps me hungry for your next post….

    I leave in germany and not so far from belgium, l air du temps is definitly a very good adress and worth the trip, may i suggest you to stop as well in MOL by T´zilte, and if you continue direction Germany, i can recommend you restaurant La vie in Osnabruck(maybe 2 good hours from Mol. Igot really surprise 2 weeks ago…

    all the best (food…)


  • Hertog Jan is definitely a place I wanna go. Duffel is new to me – thank you.

  • I want to add 2 adresses in Belgium:

    Nuance in Duffel and
    Hertog Jan in Bruges

  • Ah great, thanks a lot for the recommendations, u.e.!

  • @ Trine: I would second Chuck’s favor for Ledoyen. Except, I’d urge you to try his eel in red wine sauce. Stay away from his signature Pampelmousse dessert, less you want razors in your mouth (the sugar work is, um, sharp). l’Arpege is another good suggestion on the part of Chuck. In the U.S. I’d add ubuntu and Manresa.

    Tell you what: you get us a table at el bulli and I’ll be on the next flight. *wink*

  • Jeg har lige stået i køkkenet der et par måneder, så ku jo være okay, at høre lidt fra gæstesiden ;).

    Var for nylig hos koch brødrende i århus. Det er bestemt et besøg værd. Ikke så meget hokus-pokus. Bare fantastisk mad og godt håndværk.

  • Uhm Anders, god idé. Hvad specielt kan du anbefale?


  • Hvad med Saison Trine? ;)

  • Hi Flavia

    Never heard of Fuego, actually, but Argentinian sounds interesting! I love a good steak. ;-) I also like the fact that you can hang out in at the bar if you haven’t planned ahead and reserved a table.


  • Hi Trine, what about Fuego? You haven’t mentioned it and I heard it was worth checking out. Have you ever given it a try?


    Flavia (looking for new gastronomic adventures in Copenhagen)

  • I thought you were determined to go for noma this year? But OK – I understand. Just let me know when you’re coming over here! ;-) I recommend April to March! It’s just more herbily flavourful. If you know what I mean.

  • just discovered this section – i’d put Ledoyen on your next Paris itinerary and order the “hits” – the langoustine, uni, sweetbreads, and maybe one other thing. read my review and the gastroville review. L’Arpege can also be a revelation if you’re feeling flush :-)

    Noma won’t be this year – next spring for certain. unrelated to that decision, turns out he is coming over here to cook at Manresa – that is booked. this year’s major trips will be Paris/Brittany and Tokyo.

    (could you send me an email from my site so i have your em address?)

  • Amazing photos!

    I’ve got Noma’s as well as some others. I’ve tried making some of it and it’s quite fun :)

  • Luxeat?

    Anyway the link to the El Bulli photos is here.

    Yeah, those fancy books, I have noma’s (of course) and I admit that I was very optimistic in the beginning and thought I could actually make those dishes myself. Haha, soooo naive sometimes. :-) Those kind of books are most for inspiration and for longing to go to these fantastic places. ;-)

  • Where’s Luxeat’s blog?

    Check out elBulli’s website and the photographs from some of the books. They’re astonishing, but I don’t know if the books are actually useful (if a simple person like me would ever be able to make their food) or if it’s just a lot of pictures.

    Closing down… NO!

  • I’m jealous.
    I’m jealous!

    No, not really ever had anything El Bulli in may hands (or mouth) before. Unfortunately. I think rumours have it that they might be closing down. Hey, how can those guys even think that?

    Will check out the books on the cyber sites. By the way, I believe there are some amazing bulli photos at or linked from Luxeat’s blog. Check it out…

  • Hmm, I have 3 Gaja from 1997 (Costa Russi, Sori San Lorenzo and Sori Tildin).

    Anyway, what I wanted to know was if you’ve ever had one of the elBulli books in your hands? They’re very expensive – try to have a look at their website (or Amazon).

  • Hi Trine,

    I do indeed like “light” food, but then again going to Rasmus Oubæk late October 2005 (when it was still a “proper restaurant”) was one of the best restaurant experiences I’ve had and to say we were served light food wouldn’t be true.

    Unfortunately I didn’t write too much about the MR experience, but reading yours, I know I should’ve mentioned at least the smoked tartar.
    It was a great night out with marvelous wine.

  • Hi Allan
    Thank you for introducing yourself, it’s very kind of you.
    I’ve browsed your blog and really find it entertaining – that’s of course not so much the football talk, I mean ;-).
    And thanks for the tip about Geranium which sounds great from your review. Lucky you, being there at the opening night! That must have been quite something. It seems to me that you appreciate a lightness in food like I do?
    Best regards,

  • Hi Trine,

    Once again I stumbled across your website when searching for some restaurants. I enjoy reading your posts, and like you enjoy food. In copenhagen we’re indeed blessed with some great restaurants!

    Anyway, I wanted to let you know that you definately should go for Geranium. It’s great. I haven’t been to Noma, hence I cannot compare them, but my guess is they’re pretty close.

    Take a look at my website (some posts are about restaurants) if you like.


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